Bethann Carvin & Michael Miller
Bethann Carvin & Michael MillerCo-Commissioners

Welcome to the S. Montgomery Memorial Softball League

About the Erie Softball League

Our league is a 10 person co-ed softball league, originally formed as the Erie County Social Services softball league. We had started as a league for various social services in Erie County Pennsylvania to get together and play a game of ball. We have since expanded our league to include anyone who may want to sponsor a softball team.

While we do incorporate ASA umpires, we are a non-sanctioned league where we can allow our own league rules to make the game fun for everyone involved. Until recently, we did not have a mercy rule. We allow most ASA sanctioned bats and allow girls to bunt. We are a fun league and always will be. We like to run a fun and clean league without the problems you may find in other leagues.

We use many fields throughout the City of Erie, PA. 2nd and PA, the Hess fields (lights), 8th and Marne, Haggerty Park, 17th and Downing, and 13th and Wayne (lights).