2018 Playoff Schedule - Seeded

The playoff field has been determined. Remember, we will not be adjusting the schedule for any reason other than rain.

In the event of a rainout, your game will be played the next day at the same fields you were originally scheduled to play at and shifting everything one day. We are also entertaining the thought of a triple header if the games on Wednesday if the Tuesday games are rained out. This is not set in stone, but plan for it just incase (6PM, 7:30PM, 9PM).

Make sure to get BOTH Beth and I get the scores from the playoff games immediately following your games.

We had two teams give up their playoff spot and bumped the next teams in line in to the bracket. There was a 4 way tie that came down to head-2-head. Waterford Hotel lost all three games to those teams. The remaining 3 teams each split wins between each other, so we went to season run differential.

  • #7 Fulton Club +66
  • #8 Trinity Club +24
  • #9 Champion Ford +14
  • #10 Waterford Hotel lost to all 3 teams - Fulton Club, Trinity Club, and Champion Ford.

Good Luck!