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Schedule Revision 6/21/19

Schedule Revision 6-21-19 is now available.


6/20/19 games rescheduled as follows:

That Place  vs Fulton   7/16/19 13th & Wayne 6 PM

Roberts Trucking vs Widget   7/11/19  2nd & PA  6:15 PM

PSN Plastics vs WA Club    6/28/19  13th & Wayne 7:30 PM

Champion Ford  vs Sarah Reed   6/27/19  11th & Hess 7:30 PM


Please let Bethann know if there are any conflicts ASAP.

PDF Download

Excel Download

One Ugly Reschedule

One Ugly Reschedule


Revised Schedule v4

Revised Schedule v4

Ok everyone, it's that time. We are now on schedule v4. The online schedule has been updated, but remember the schedule we go by is the one posted below. Please take a look and make sure you have your 18 games scheduled.


Download PDF - Schedule v4

Download Excel - Schedule v4 Excel



Reschedules and Website Schedule Updated

All games have been rescheduled and website schedule is current.

Please take a look at your team schedules by Clicking on Standings, Click on your Team, Click on Team Schedule.

If there are any conflicts, please contact us.


Also, please text scores and pic of book (both pages in one pic with Team Names written on correct page) within 24 hours of game completion to keep standings current.

Thank you!  

2019 Season Full Schedule

2019 Season Full Schedule

Below is the full season schedule. We have tried to take in to consideration everyone's scheduling requests, there may have been one or two games where that was not possible however. Please take a look at the schedule and let me or Bethann know ASAP if there are any mistakes. There is plenty of room on the schedule for rain makeups, so please be prepared to play if there is an open day in the schedule, we will give your team plenty of notice. 

Remember, after each game to send both Bethann and Mike a picture of both books, including the home and away team sides.

In each division, each team will play each other twice. You will have one home game and one away game against each team. For playoffs, we are planning the top 8 teams making the playoffs in each division and having two championship games. The championship game will be played at 13th and Wayne most likely the first week of September. The first game will be the recreational division starting at 6:30 PM followed by the competitive division at 8:00 PM.

The standings module and scheduling feature of the website will be uploaded early this week, so you will be able to check your schedule and standings there. However, please remember we ALWAYS go by what we call the paper copy of the schedule, which is what you download below.

As a side note, I received a call from the city last Thursday about the condition the fields were left in. Please make sure to pickup the fields when you are done at them. Do not leave your beer cans on the ground. Apparently the usual can collectors have not been seen in sometime. We suggest bringing a bag to put the cans in after you are done drinking. 

To easily find your teams games, you can search any of these schedules using CRTL-F and entering the first few letters of your team name.

Download PDF: 2019_Schedule_v3.pdf

Download Excel: 2019_Schedule_v3.xlsx

Good luck and have a great season!



Download PDF: 2019_Schedule_v2.pdf

Download Excel: 2019_Schedule_v2.xlsx


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